The Book Deprived Read-a-thon : Week 3


Happy Saturday everyone!

It has been one of those weeks full of scheduling and getting things ready for my upcoming, intense summer class that starts this Monday! Continue reading

The Book Deprived Read-a-thon : Week 2

Hello everyone!!

It has been such a fun, relaxing week for me! If you haven’t heard around my blog, I was able to head south for a week-long vacation in my absolute favorite areas of Nashville! Sadly, the last seven days felt like only two, and I seriously can’t believe how fast it went.. Continue reading

The Book Deprived Read-a-thon : Week 1

Hey everyone!

I am currently about to head to the airport for my week-long vaca’! *inner squeals* So I’m going to have to make this update short and sweet since I won’t be taking my computer with me (and I’m running a tad bit late, oops).

Here’s what I was able to accomplish during my first week of this 3 MONTH LONG read-a-thon!

Are you ready? Continue reading

Bout of Books 19 : Sunday’s Update & Wrap Up!


This week flew by so fast! I can’t believe it is already over, BUT I am really happy with how it turned out. Continue reading

The Book Deprived Read-a-thon!

So the other day I had this great idea. With Bout of Books ending tomorrow, I always think a week isn’t enough to just be able to have an excuse to read all the time.

But really.. why couldn’t I?? Continue reading

Bout of Books 19 : Friday’s Update


Who’s ready for the weekend?!

..I am! It is currently 1230pm on this bright Saturday, and I just got off from work. Which means I have the ENTIRE afternoon to read! Continue reading