June 2018 Monthly Reads


Looking for new reads to add to your Summer Reading List??

Whether you’re looking for that light-hearted Contemporary or that creepy Horror novel, I’ve got you covered.. Continue reading


May 2018 Monthly Reads


Looking for some YA Fantasy or Contemporary books to take to the beach this summer? Continue reading

April 2018 Monthly Reads


Less than a month and I’ll be done with Nursing School!

Whew.. It has been a tough two years, but one thing is for sure, I CANNOT WAIT TO READ 24/7 this summer!

So since my life has been increasingly hectic this semester, my TBR-pile has been growing exponentially. There are a ton of great YA books that have released in the last few months alone that I have been hearing nothing but raves about. T-minus 26 days, 22 hours, and some odd minutes until freedom.. but until then,

Here are five YA books that has recently stumbled onto my growing TBR pile: Continue reading

March 2018 Monthly Reads


Looking for the perfect Spring Break TBR??

Bring these 5 books with you to the beach, airport, or car ride! They are perfect for any reading mood.

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February 2018 Monthly Reads


So many books, so little time.

Check out these 5 YA books that I am excited to get my hands on this month! Continue reading

January 2018 Monthly Reads


Another year, another stack of books! Check out these 5 YA reads to add to your snow-day TBR-pile!! Continue reading

December 2017 Monthly Reads


Looking for a new stack of books to add to your holiday TBR? Check out these 5 adventures this month! Continue reading