Bookish Things

Here you will find everything bookish from tips to book hauls to upcoming events and much much more! More pages will be added as they come along. Go ahead and click around 🙂

Monthly Reads

-Every month I show off 5 books that I recently found that have caught my eye. They are some of my most anticipated To-Be-Read books.

Bookish Mondays

-Looking for the perfect gift for a booklover??

TBR Wednesdays

-Want to know a good book that will be coming out really soon? Click here every Wednesday.

Recent Reads

-Weekly reading recaps.

Read-a-thons / Challenges

– What will you accomplish in a year?

Book Hauls

-Books I’ve bought by month 🙂

Coffee Reads

-Have you ever wondered what drink would go great with that book you’re reading?

From One Bookworm to Another…

-Looking for book-lover’s tips? Click on the link and see!

Bookish Events

-Here are bookish events I’ve gone to 🙂

Life From a Bookworm’s Perspective

-A snapshot from the eyes of a Bookworm.

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