Bout of Books 14 : Monday’s Progress

It is now the morning of Day 2 here in the read-a-thon.


Yesterday was not a very successful reading day. I had work all day and then I went to a dinner which lasted longer then expected, so my reading time was little to none *sigh.* But after realizing that my book just killed a spider *ew,* I know I will be reading a LOT more today.

Here is my progress for Day 1 (Monday):

Started -> Nil by Lynne Matson, pages 1-4IMG_0234

..for a total of : 3 pages

Yeah I know *more sighs*…

Day 2 will be kicked off with an early morning of reading before I head to work. Yay.

Wondering what Bout of Books is? Click Here to discover this awesome week!

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Happy Reading and leave in the comments your Bout of Books progress!



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