July 2015 Owlcrate!

It’s here!..


Owlcrate has done it again with another great box for the month of July!  This time, the theme was FRIENDSHIP 🙂 🙂

For those of you who may not know what an Owlcrate is, this is a monthly subscription box full of bookish goodies.  Each box contains a newly released, young adult book along with 4-5 other goodies that every book lover will want to have.  To go along with the book, there are usually about 2-3 exclusive extras that may include: signed book plates, buttons, bookmarks, posters, and more!

I personally fell in love with this box the moment I saw it featured on BookTube.  A few months following that, I was able to swipe up a spot on their subscription list, and since then, I plan on renewing for a VERY long time to come 🙂

What was in the July 2015 box???


With the help of my newest member, Hedwig (AKA the little guy), I was able to come home from a busy day at work to find my Owlcrate box on my doorstep.


The first two things that I saw when I opened the box was a slip of paper with a promotion for a free month to one lucky subscriber and the famous decorative card that explains the content of the box.


** HINT : Do not look at this until you have discovered the entire box’s contents first!  This card can be a giant spoiler if used unwisely! **


Setting those two cards aside, I dove right into what was next. In all of the boxes, there were two different styles that could show up depending on what was placed in there during packaging.  I received the “observant owls” selection of Book Buddies from a small company called Girl of all Work.  These little sticky notes are great for when you need to jot down mental notes while reading.  As I am absolutely in love with owls, these were a perfect addition to my blogging collection!

[Let me know what the other choice was if you received a different one]


Under these, I found a bright orange pouch with a metal bracelet from Show Pony.  This hand-stamped cuff featured the saying “Until the Very End” from one of Owlcrate‘s favorite friendships, the Golden Trio.


What I like about this bracelet is that it is easily bendable to fit on and off of my wrist without having to worry about it leaving scratches all over 🙂



To go along with the Postcard Party giveaway, a book of Super Awesome Postcards were included in the box from Archie McPhee.  This pack includes 30 unique postcards to help keep in touch with your friends during the busy summers.

And finally, for the big finale, the book selection for this month is….


The Night We Said Yes by Lauren Gibaldi!  This young adult contemporary is about a girl who has her life planned out until a boy comes into town.  Then, after a crazy night involving cops and many ‘yeses,’ the boy leaves town only to show up  a year later to recreate that night.  This book is full of friendships and romance that you wont want to miss out on this summer.

The two exclusive items for July were a signed bookplate from Lauren, a bookmark, and a pin featuring the band from the book [I did not realize that I forgot to take a picture of the pin! Sorry!!  You can find it on my Instagram tomorrow (29 July)! My apologies!] all donated by the author herself!  How awesome!


I am very pleased with the selection for this month! The book is one that I have not had on my TBR pile until now which is always a plus when other people are selecting for your subscription box.  I plan on using all of these items in the near future, so stay tuned on my Instagram for snapshots of these babies!

**Disclaimer!: Owlcrate did not ask me to say any of these things.  They are all MY honest opinions only.  Every post that I do is all made from my brain’s thoughts and ideas 🙂 **

Instagram : @treestandbookreviews

Thanks for all of your support!

Happy Reading!

Collage 2015-05-27 08_58_53


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