Bookish Monday #15 : Bookshops to Visit


When I travel places, I love to find local bookshops. 

Even though a portion of the books that I read are eBooks from publishers, nothing beats the amazing experience of browsing a bookstore.  I can find so many more books for my TBR pile than from just scrolling through a list at an online store.  The smells, sounds, and sights make being a bibliophile that much more awesome!

the strand

One of the bookstores that is #1 on my list to visit is The Strand in New York City!  Every book lover who has visited this indie shop just falls in love with the atmosphere and the grand size of the stacks of books waiting to be picked up.  I always see BookTubers and other bloggers raving about all of the books that they purchased, and the cool bookish things that they have for sale!  I am dying to go there!

From what the website says, there are over 18 MILES, I repeat 18 MILES, of new, used, and rare books!  How amazing would that be to experience?!   2.5 million books in just that one store! 🙂  I would have to take a whole day to conquer all of that!  There are other special aspects of this bookstore other than all of the books such as special events, author signings, and gifts for every book-lover.  Definitely a bookstore you won’t want to miss!

I don’t know when or if I will have the time to travel there, but it is definitely on my to-visit list for the future!

The Strand Bookstore

828 Broadway (& 12th Street)

New York, NY 10003

Phone : 212-473-1452

What other bookshops are you all anxious to visit?  Any recommendations for anyone in your area?

Stay tuned for more bookish posts, book reviews, and interviews coming soon!

Happy Reading from,



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