Bookish Monday #12


Happy Monday!

I am sorry for a late night post.  I just a new phone after work today, so I have not had much down time, but here I am!  I hope your week is going good!  What are you guys reading? 

This last week something awesome happened…  I got my first bookshelf!!!  YAYYY!  I have been needing one in my apartment for over six years and let me tell ya,  books have been piling up within the last two months.  Literally, my bed is about 3 feet above the ground and I had three stacks of books that doubled into a side table.  It is a relief to see my floor again.


The crazy part is that I did not intend on going to the store and buying the shelf that day.  It kinda just happened.  Me and my mom were walking through Target and we were just thinking if they had one in stock.  So we go looking and wouldn’t ya know, they had one.  AND it was for only $27!! Can’t get better than that ladies and gentlemen.


So I decided to go ahead and buy it.  When I got home, I quickly built the shelf.  I haven’t built too many projects in the last few years, but I did pretty well.  I only made two mistakes that were easily hideable, so mission accomplished!


I bought the 5-shelf bookcase that is about 7 feet tall (I believe) and 2 feet wide.  I got the white finish to match the rest of my room.  It was able to fit perfectly by my bed for easy access to any book I needed at any given time.  PERFECTION!


Not all of my books are home to this awesome bookshelf, but my favorite ones and the ones that are TBR-ed can be found here.  I am very happy about how this shelf came about.  For less than $30, this was a steal.  I haven’t gotten any issues with it thus far, so this is a must have for any booklover on a budget.

What kinds of bookcases do you guys use? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for sticking around, and I will see you guys again in a little bit.  Stay tuned for more bookish posts by subscribing to free email updates on all of my posts as they become available.  You can also follow me on Instagram @treestandbookreviews and my #treestandbookreviews!  Feel free to reach out to me about anything bookish!

Happy Reading



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