Bookish Mondays #9


Hey everyone!

Sorry for the almost late post.  I had to work all day, and had company over until about a half hour ago.  But, here we go with another Bookish post!


As most of you guys may have seen on my Instagram, I received my very first craftedvan bookmark a few days ago.  I have always found myself browsing through their Etsy website on occasion, and I finally made the move to purchase one of their many cute magnetic bookmarks 🙂

Craft’ed is a small company in Vancouver, Canada that was started by two girls with a creative idea.  Diana and Erica design hundreds of cute crafty magnetic bookmarks that come in all different shapes, colors, and characters.  You can check out their Etsy shop HERE…

While scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across one of their photos of a clearing out sale, so I naturally decided to just take a look at what they had left.  Then I saw it… the Ice King.  I have started watching Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, and one of my favorite characters on the show is, of course, the Ice King.  When I saw that there were only a few left, I made the purchase!


You can buy each bookmark separately, but there are also bundle packs with fun designs such as a coffee, fruit, rainy days, or a polaroid set.  Some of the bookmarks come in mini, regular, or large sizes as well.  Each set can range from $3 – $13.  There is one for every personality!

From the time of purchase to the ship date, it took about the amount of time that they specified on their site: 3-5 days.  From the ship date until the arrival date, it came quicker: 3 days.  I live in the US so, I am happy with the amount of time that it took.


The quality of the bookmark is good.  They seem to be made out of some kind of photo paper with magnet pieces glued to them.  They are a little flimsy when not in a book or connected by a paper.  They are packaged in clear plastic with a fun company sticker on them.  For the money that I paid (which was roughly $3), it was a great purchase.

This is a shop that I would recommend to every book lover!  They are very popular among the book community, and will make a great gift for everyone.

Do you have a craftedvan bookmark?

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Enjoy your week everyone! Happy Reading!

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