Bookish Monday #8

Back on schedule for this Monday’s Bookish post!


This week’s post is about becoming inspired by the community around us.  October of last year (2014), I watched my first BookTube channel: Books and Quills.  I don’t remember exactly which video it was, but I know it is what began the crazed obsession with discovering current reads, and ultimately, it began my process of even creating my own book blog.

Since then, I have begun to follow an increasingly large amount of BookTubers through all of their Wrap-ups, Book Hauls (my favorites), and many many more bookish quests!  BookTube lead me to my blog, which led me to Instagram, and to my life being changed forever.  I now actively use my passion for books to share how amazing it feels to trap yourself through the millions of adventures.

Here is my current list of BookTube vloggers who have inspired me to change my life for the better.  I hope you feel as motivated as I am to read more and share what you feel about all the books that are coming out weekly.  We all know it will take ALOT of hard work to be able to finish EVERY book that we want to, but these videos will help to pick out some of the higher-rated ones to jump right into.  You never know, maybe you will have your own book blog or vlog channel in the upcoming future!

100% Awesome BookTubers:

  • About to read – book hauls, fashion, and recepies!  This is my newest favorite BookTuber so far.
  • Kassidy Voinche – mostly young adult books!  She has been my #1 favorite to find new reads.
  • The Book Hoarder – young adult books!
  • Ginger Reads Lainey – Nanowrimo, young adult, and Top 5 Wednesday posts!
  • Katytastic – young adult books!  She is one of the BookTubers that you will find if you go to book convention panels.
  • Little Book Owl – young adult and loves read-a-thons!  She got me into Bout of Books and she’s Australian.  Love the accent!
  • My Little Bookshelf – young adult, Nanowrimo, and Top 5 Wednesdays!
  • Leaning Lights – lots of different bookish posts! She is another newer one that I fell upon last week.
  • Jesse the Reader – young adult books!  He is the only guy that I really watch a lot, and he is another one that you will find on book panels.  He is fun to watch!
  • Lauren Johnson Reads – contemporary young adult!
  • Padfoot and Prongs 07 – young adult and read-a-thons!  She is a Potterhead as well if you didn’t catch that 🙂
  • Bookables – young adult and some adult!  She is also a mommy.
  • Book Nerd Canada – lots of book reviews!  I really like her channel and blog!
  • Poland Bananas Books – exciting young adult BookTuber!  She also has other skits that she does that are book related.

These are just some of the major ones that I follow multiple times a day!  They help me to find great picks for posts and awesome future TBR reads!  They have helped me to expand into books that I probably would not have picked up otherwise.  Go check each one out now!  You wont be disappointed!

How did you guys get into the world of BookTube?  Are you a BookTuber yourself?  Leave your name and channel in the comments below, or if you have more awesome channels that you would like to share onto this list , let me know!

Also, let me know what inspired you guys to watch or become active in the Book Community.

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Thank you guys again, and Happy Reading!

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