Bookish Mondays (#7)


Its that time of the week again!

This Monday’s bookish item is one that I recently found throughout the Book Community.  There is such a variety of these cute items that there is at least one for everyone! 

Are any of you familiar with the Funko Pop! figures?? Whether you browse Bookstagram or BookTube, you have probably seen one of these figurines at least once.  Funko is a company that makes unique vinyl and pop culture toys.  There are over 100 characters made including: The Walking Dead, Adventure Time, Disney, DC Comics, and Game of Thrones… just to name a few!

Each figure stands roughly 6 inches tall ( I don’t have a ruler with me so it is only an estimate).  The quality is very nice.  They don’t seem like they would fall apart easily. I plan on buying more as the time comes.

I just bought my first one a few days ago:  Hershel from the Walking Dead.  The detail is almost exactly like what the character looks like in the television show!  Even the facial expressions match which is pretty awesome.

Hershel Funko Pop!
Hershel Funko Pop!

Here are a couple of the characters that you can get:

Ice King Funko Pop!
Ice King Funko Pop!
Carl Funko Pop!
Carl Funko Pop!
Iron Man Funko Pop!
Iron Man Funko Pop!

And for all of the HARRY POTTER fans, there is a collection coming out in JULY!  I was so excited when I heard this as I am a huge POTTERHEAD!  It was actually the first characters that I looked for when I was going through Funko’s website.  So I think for now, I will save my money until they are released!

Harry Potter Funko Pop! Collection - Coming in July!!
Harry Potter Funko Pop! Collection – Coming in July!!

When I first saw these guys in other people’s pictures, I just had to have them!  They look great on bookshelves, and is something that every book lover will want in their personal libraries!  This is a gift you would love to get for the reader in your life. I don’t have a bookshelf at the moment, but when I do, I will be posting many pictures of my collection on my Instagram.

Check out the Funko website to see all of the figures that you can collect.  Depending on the website that you get them from, the prices can vary from $8- over $10.  The more rare ones are a little more expensive.  You can find them in many stores such as Barnes & Noble or online such as Amazon.  The official website does not sell them, but they do have a link where you can search for a store in your area that carries them.

They are so cool!  I plan on having a whole collection soon!

Hope you guys enjoy these!  Leave a link to you pictures of your own Funko Pop! collection.  You can follow Treestand Book Reviews via email in the box below, or on Instagram @treestandbookreviews and #treestandbookreviews!

Have a great week, and you will hear more bookish posts from me soon!



3 thoughts on “Bookish Mondays (#7)

    1. You’re welcome! 🙂 and depending on when I end up buying them, I will make a post about the ones (hopefully ALL of them) that I get. I’ll have personal pictures of them so for anyone who hasn’t seen them in real life can take a look!


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