Bout of Books 13 Friday’s Progress

It is the weekend of Bout of Books 13!

How have you guys been doing on your reading so far?  I got A LOT of reading time in yesterday!  Here is what I accomplished during Day 5:

I still continued reading An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir: pages 176-384

…for a total of 208 pages!!

RECORD!! 😀 I am very proud of all the pages that I have read.  I sat myself down, and the next thing I knew hours had passed.  It makes me wish I could do that every day… then maybe my TBR pile wouldn’t be so high!

Well, back to reading for me.  Just got off work, so it is time to relax and get into a fictional world for the night!

Hope you guys are making great progress through your own TBR piles!  Happy Reading!



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