Bout of Books 13 Wednesday’s Progress

Happy Hump Day everyone!

It is now Day 4 in the Bout of Books 13 read-a-thon, and I am starting to pick up some speed!  As some of you know, the beginning of this week has been sluggish in the reading department due to the final stage of my semester in college.  But, now I am home, and enjoying the break.  Wednesday was busy due to the moving, so I did not read very many pages as I had expected.

Here is the results of Day 3 of this read-a-thon:

I continued reading An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir: pages 126-136

…for a total of 10 pages

*insert sad noises here*

The week is not over, so I am going to jump right back on the horse! I really want to finish my first read-a-thon strong!

How are y’all doing in Bout of Books 13??  Have you discovered any new series or stand-alones? Let me know if you have any suggestions on read-a-thons or favorite books 🙂

I hope you guys are enjoying this week, and I will be back tomorrow with another update!  You can stay tuned by subscribing to free emails from Treestand Book Reviews, and receive the latest news on this blog!  You can also follow me on Instagram @treestandbookreviews and my #treestandbookreviews!  There is a growing number of bookish photos, and you may even experience a sneek peek of future blog content 🙂 Lots of fun stuff in store for you guys!

Happy Reading!



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