Bookish Mondays (#5)


Hello there!

Welcome back to yet another Bookish Monday.  This week I am going to show you the tool that has helped me immensely with my reviews. wpid-collage-2015-05-04-17_43_07.jpg.jpeg I believe every book blogger needs some sort of small notebook where they can write all of their thoughts on what they have been reading.  It is an essential!!  When I first started out on this blog, my reviews were based solely on what I remembered about the book at that time.  I try to write all of my reviews right when I finish the last page of each book, but even then, I can’t possibly remember EVERYTHING that happened in the how-ever-many pages. There is just so much!

This past Christmas, I was gifted a small, cute notebook from my mom.  I didn’t really know what I was going to do with it, so I just put it aside.  It hit me two wpid-collage-2015-05-04-17_43_07.jpg.jpegmonths later that I could use that very thing to jot down my thoughts for each book review.  I have to say that it has helped SO MUCH!  This little guy is the perfect size to throw in my commute bag for the train and pull it out whenever I needed it.  The pages are perforated so I can tape them into my official blog journal easily without having to worry about it getting ripped. If you are a book reviewer/blogger, I would definitely advise you to pick up some sort of notebook/journal/app on your phone that allows you to quickly jot down all of your bookish thoughts 🙂

I believe that this particular notebook is from Barnes & Noble stores, and is priced for $4.95 (US).  It comes with 100 pages that have 4 beautiful designs.  The company that makes them is Molly & Rex which sell many journals and stationary with fun designs on them.  Once I am able to go to Barnes & Noble, I will be buying alot more of these!

What tools do you use for your bookish thoughts?

wpid-collage-2015-05-04-17_43_07.jpg.jpegStay tuned for more book reviews and all things bookish! You can subscribe to Treestand Book Reviews via email through the appropriate link below!  If you would also like, I now have an Instagram @treestandbookreviews and #treestandbookreviews.  You can go to my profile by clicking HERE!! 🙂 You will find a ton of cute bookish photos being uploaded everyday!

Hope you guys enjoyed and HAPPY READING!!



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