Bookish Mondays (#2)



The other day, I had an epiphany… we are already 1/3 into the year!  Whaaaat?  I promise I am speaking the truth, but hopefully you guys are hitting those books!

This Bookish Monday will kind of go along with last weeks in the kind of product that I will be sharing with you guys.  You can walk around every bookstore and ask each fellow book-lover whether or not they have a bookmark.  Most of them will look at you and smile because they know they have a whole drawer full of them.  You can never have enough bookmarks whether or not it is a scrap piece of paper or a really fancy-looking one with metal and diamonds and all of that pizazz.

This week’s bookmarks are some of my ultimate favorites.  If you look at my collection, I have a couple packages of these cuties that I have been buying for the last few months.

Re-Marks Magnetic Page Clips
Re-Marks Magnetic Page Clips

These are magnetic bookmarks called “Page Clips” that can clip onto your page instantly (just like the name says).  They are from a company called Re-Marks out of Seattle. There is a set for every type of person from animals, to robots, to cupcakes, to monsters (as shown).  I received larger owl ones for Christmas this year and just fell in love.  They have the ability to close on one page or multiple pages at once.  They are very easy to open and close, and the best part is that they will not fall out of your book.  As many of you know, that is a ongoing struggle when it comes to the scrap papers.  You can either get large ones that come in a set of 4, or you can get smaller ones that come in a pack of 6.  Each of these are $4.95 (US) whether you get the large or small.  The place that I have found to have the widest selection of these bad boys is at Barnes and Noble stores.  Online has a couple, but going to the store allows you to have a much bigger selection with different clips. They even have smelly ones such as a Christmas peppermint set and a Chocolate cupcake set.

These are definitely a must-have! I have found a couple links to a few of the different Re-Marks Page Clips below:



Tutti Frutti Scented:

I hope you guys enjoy these cute little magnetic bookmarks!  For more Bookish Mondays and other really fun stuff subscribe to my blog using free emails that will keep you up-to-date on everything book-related!  You can do so by clicking the appropriate button either to the right (desktop) or below (mobile). It is greatly appreciated!! 🙂 More book reviews are on their way so stay tuned.

Disclaimer: Everything mentioned in all of my posts, including this one, is my opinion only. I was not paid or asked to mention any of these things or links to other resources.

Thanks for reading!



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