TBR Wednesdays: Hot Body Year Round


Hey everyone!

I am going to be starting something new starting today.  Every Wednesday will be TBR Wednesday.  I will be choosing an exciting book that will be released the following Tuesday of each post. I wanted to begin a series of posts that exhibited the hundreds of awesome releases that hit bookstores soon. I will be summarizing one book that I have added to my own To-Be-Read list and will also be coming out very soon.  This way you will not have to wait months on end for an anticipated book that you just discovered.  Because that is always sucky.

This week I have chosen a book that I have been waiting years for. A few years ago I began to exercise more on a weekly basis.  As a child, I never quite liked to get all sweaty and breathless, but this girl changed my life.  Browsing around YouTube, I stumbled upon a video of a workout called Pilates.  This is kind of like yoga, but it has more of a core-strengthening based approach.  I soon fell in love with the YouTuber’s channel called Blogilates.  How she teaches and interacts with the camera really drew me in.  Since then, I have been following her through her progress of awesome apparel, DVDs, and now her first book! I am excited to say that I have pre-ordered the fun read a few months ago, and it will finally be coming out on April 7th!

Hot Body Year Round by Cassey Ho
Hot Body Year Round by Cassey Ho

If you are a fan of Cassey Ho and Blogilates this is a must-have for your collection.  Hot Body Year Round: The POP Pilates Plan to Get Slim, Eat Clean, and Live Happy Through Every Season  contains new Blogilates material that no one has seen before along with many pictures that make you want to jump in. There will also be yummy recipes and motivating workouts throughout the entire book. I am excited to see it in my hands. She has helped me to become a fitness lover and a more confident person.

More Book Information:

Published: 7 April 2015

Publisher: Harmony

Genre: Health and Fitness

Pages: 256

Since I have pre-ordered the book, I will be posting a review of it on this blog after I receive it, so check back soon, or you can subscribe to free emails about all of my new posts. I can’t wait to let you guys know how I like the book! If you are into yoga or pilates, you will love Hot Body Year Round.

Thanks for reading my posts and I will see you next week with another fun and exciting read for TBR Wednesday.



**All of the content in my posts are my own opinions. I was not asked or paid to say any of this.**


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