2015 Resolutions.

Hello everyone!

I hope all of you have finished your 2014 strong.  As usual, a new year cannot come about without the association of resolutions.  What better way to start a fresh year than with a mountainous pile of books just waiting to be explored.  If you are like me, your To-Be-Read shelf is starting to overflow with candidates.  Every book lover has to deal with this occurrence on a daily basis.  We always say that we will put ourselves on a book buying ban until that pile dwindles into nothing, but that will probably never happen with all of the new releases and discoveries each and every week. However, a good way to try to decrease the stack is to challenge yourself.  The start of a new year could be the push some people need. Every one of you will have a specific challenge that you will want to try to conquer. Whether it is one book or one hundred books, there are 365 days at your fingertips to start. What is your goal?

My 2014 was full of reading, but 2015 will be a bigger challenge.  I did not keep track of the books that I had read until the end of the year, so I am unable to give you all a count of whether or not I had completed my 2014 goal.  This year will be different.  Through this blog, I hope that you all will follow me while I adventure through my goal of 75 books to complete from January 1 through December 31. 365 days. 52 weeks. 12 months. 75 books. We can do it.

I hope you all read some amazing books through the upcoming year. Feel free to share your goals or suggestions of books that you have or want to read. Never know, you may have just helped someone find their favorite book! Hopefully you will dive into your TBR shelves strong and maybe even complete it by New Year’s Eve. Happy New Year’s everyone!

From your fellow book lover,



2 thoughts on “2015 Resolutions.

  1. Thanks for the challenge! 2015 Brings the opportunity to journey into a world of non-fiction; make believe; some insightful biographies; and memorable new poetries. Goodreads is a great place to begin and I look forward to your informative reviews and progress reports. A special thank you to all the authors who generously donate copies of their works.


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